The Voice Behind “The Official Habbo Snow Storm Commercial”

Just in case you’ve never heard of it before, Habbo Hotel is produced by the Sulake Corporation which is an online entertainment company focused on virtual worlds and social networking. Habbo Hotel is the world’s largest and fastest growing virtual world for teenagers, and localised Habbo communities all around the world are visited by millions of teenagers every week.

Snow Storm was a fantastic multiplayer game – great fun, so I’m told.

Anyway, this short project was to produce a 15 second commercial, the brief requiring a youthful sounding, enthusiastic voice for the intro and a big Don LaFontaine “movie voice” style for the outro.

Habbo Hotel - Snow Storm

I think it worked quite well and the Habbo Snow Storm team were pleased with it – which is the main thing!

Quick Habbo facts (December 2009):

Habbo Hotel can be accessed via the local Habbo sites, and through the world’s largest social networking site, Facebook, where all 31 Habbo communities are also available. Through Facebook Connect, Habbo users around the world can easily find their Facebook friends in the virtual world and share their in-world experiences.