SaVoa – is it for you?

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, every week I get at least one email, phone call (or even occasional letter!) from someone asking if they can become a voice over artist. My answer is always the same – a resounding YES!

There is space for everyone in this industry from hospital radio DJs to newsreaders to cartoon voicers. However it does take time and practice to get really good at any one of the VO disciplines and many of my clients tell me how difficult it is to distinguish between someone who has just “become” a VO and a more established professional.

Experience does count for something (in any industry!).

Often, I am hired by clients who have used a new or inexperienced voice over with disastrous results. I am then called upon to rescue the project and help smooth the process of editing, adding royalty free music and effects etc.

Well, now voice over clients have a good way of finding voice over artists who have undergone a peer review and are accredited with high technical and artistic standards…

…welcome to SaVoa, the fantastic organisation which exists to maintain the high standards expected by today’s customers.

“SaVoa’s mission is to establish and maintain an accreditation program for voice over artists, and to support continuing education for the advancement of the voice over industry.”

Anthony Richardson SaVoa Number 08026

SaVoa looks at three main criteria when assessing voice overs’ for accreditation:

1. Performance (including articulation and speech clarity appropriate to the copy, dramatic interpretation and vocal style)SaVoa

2. Technique (including areas such as good breath support, controlled sibilance and controlled plosives)

3. Quality (including a technical demo to ensure the ambient noise level in your vocal booth is of broadcast quality – and that you are a technically proficient recording engineer with your own equipment).

Fairly stiff criteria, I think you’ll agree. But if you pass the necessary standards to become accredited, you get to prove to potential clients that you “have what it takes!”

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