The Real McCoy’s…? (

Anthony Richardson - McCoys Crisps
Anthony Richardson - McCoys Crisps

Producing the voice files for the McCoy’s Man Crisps website campaign was great fun.

The initial brief was to sound ‘a bit like’ a friendly Phil Mitchell (from EastEnders) but keeping in step with the TV campaign.

I was delighted with the first set of audio files and thought that I’d produced an almost perfect impression of the TV voice. Sadly, I actually sounded too macho(!) and we had to go back to the drawing board. After a couple more recordings, it was decided that the manliness should be toned-down a bit and the final cut was available on the McCoy’s website HERE.

The web design company did an amazing job on the Flash driven site and, of course, the agency InboxDMG did a fantastic job in choosing me!

Here is a short compilation of some of the original audios:

Hope you like them...! 😄

Anthony Richardson - McCoys Crisps