Natal Attraction…This sordid affair has got him by the balls.

“Dr. Wright is a highly qualified professional, tired of a sexless marriage.

After having enjoyed a flurry of affairs over an internet dating site, his play away from home is soon to be nailed on a visit to his next and most enticing rendéz-vous yet.

This sordid affair has got him by the balls.”

Hmmmm…..when you read a brief like that, it’s always a bit of a worry! I get sent a lot of animation work requiring character voices and I really like the ones which I feel will be a bit of a challenge. This was definitely one of those projects.

Natal Attraction certainly breaks the mould when it comes to short animation stories and I’m not sure Walt Disney would approve (but then again…?). It was tremendous fun to produce the voice over for Dr. Wright and I immediately thought of the Monty Python character, Arthur Pewty, for vocal clues. The lovely and talented Mandy Kaplan does an amazing job playing the female characters in the film, especially the seductive temptress, Nancy!

The Natal Attraction project itself was written and produced by a very talented young animator called Tom Fry and since completing the project, I understand that the film has been nominated for the Royal Television Society Awards 2010, is in consideration for Raindance 2009, has already won the Southampton Harbour Lights ‘Best Film 2009′ and ‘Audience Choice 2009‘ and will be aired on Sky TV in a few weeks.

The official Natal Attraction website can be found HERE.

The Movie Poster

Anthony Richardson - Natal Attraction Movie