Fun Bargain Auctions for Guys and Girls?

That'll be MadBid’s latest TV commercials then!

OK – this time “sophistication” was required by the MadBid Team for a matching pair of TV adverts – one for the Guys and one for the Girls!  They wanted a little less of the past frenetic shouty-type ads and a bit more cool.

Honestly, I’ve never been called “cool” in my life but you have to give it a go, don’t you.

It was a bit of a squeeze, getting all the dialogue into the 29 second TV time slots and you can probably hear this in the severe radio edit ie. all possible breaths and even spaces in-between words have been edited out.

As usual, it’s always fun working with the MadBid Team, Media Music Now and, new partner, 360Red Productions (who I actually worked with in 2007 on the famous Easyfood TV commercial!).

See what you think – it’s a long way from the original MadBid Man commercials, but I like it!

One for the fellas…

…and one for the laydeeeeez!

Enjoy! 😃