OK, OK this is not strictly about voiceovers but it is about music!

Kurzweil PC361

Well, as a session musician of sorts, after years of using the same old keyboard equipment I finally decided to upgrade earlier this year.

After loads of research I bought the amazing Kurzweil PC361 and even managed to find a reasonably priced model on eBay (although it did mean driving to Shepherd’s Bush, London, with a pocket full of cash and going to the 11th floor of what, to me, seemed like a very dodgy tower block that smelled of wee(d)!).

Anyway, I was absolutely delighted with the Kurzweil – the piano samples were amazing and as for the Hammond organ sounds …wow! But that’s probably for another Blog post.

I was even more delighted to be asked to play a solo session on some studio demos for a young up-and-coming singer/songwriter called Corrina Taylor. So a little while ago we headed off to Kite Recording Studios in Cambridge and, under the watchful eye of excellent engineer Roger Chatterton, recorded a couple of Corrina’s tracks as live demos.

These are a little “rough around the edges” (my piano playing not Corrina’s voice!) – but bear in mind we only had limited studio / rehearsal time.

See what you think…