Stephen Fry: “…pure, undiluted pleasure and friendship…”

That’ll be Listening Books!

I have been working with Listening Books since 2006 and always enjoy my visits to their underground recording studios at Lant Street, South London. There is definitely a sense of ’standing on the shoulders of giants’ when looking at the wall of fame next to the editing suite and I always feel privileged to have recorded in the company of greats such as Michael Palin and Stephen Fry.

Listening Books is also fortunate to have Stephen as Patron and he recorded this special message for you:

The charity was founded in 1959 by Norma Skemp who almost completely lost her sight in a car accident in 1954. After applying to another charity for help she was told that none was available as she could still ’see something.’ Norma, straight away, realised that there was a massive gap in the market to supply people who  find it difficult or impossible to read due to illness or disability.

I have been lucky enough to be selected to read some fantastic books over the years such as “In the Beginning” by Peter Ackroyd, and, my current project, “How to be a Teenage Millionaire” by James Moore and Judi James. For some reason, I get to read a lot of childrens books – wonder why that is? Heh, heh!

(Although I have enjoyed reading some beautiful poetry by A.E. Housman and Thomas Hardy“The Darkling Thrush” being my absolute favourite).

Peter Ackroyd - The Beginning
How to Be a Teenage Millionaire - James Moore & Judi James

If the voice over industry has been as kind to you as it has to me, why not give something back? Listening Books is always looking for new readers, so if you feel you can commit some of your spare time please click HERE.