Save up to £300 on Your Commute with CommuterClub

This was a fun project, working with the extremely talented director, animator and designer, Matthew Keen.

The client, CommuterClub, has a revolutionary new way of commuting in London, allowing customers to get the benefits of an Annual Travelcard while keeping all the flexibility of a monthly.

They also allow you to lock-in current fares for 12 months, delaying TfL’s annual fare rise – cool!

The voiceover brief was for something “…enthusiastic but also trustworthy…” and the client was pleased with the outcome.

As always, with this style of project, the animation had already been created so the challenge was to match the VO to the action on screen. Never an easy task, but removing all the breaths and closing the resulting gaps, in much the same way as I produce radio commercials, sped things up a little and allowed more leeway to add pauses where necessary. It’s always a juggling act.

I was told I sound a bit like the Greatest Hits Radio DJ Simon Mayo on this recording – can’t see it myself!  🙂

See what you think…