STRESS!!! And how to beat it…

Recording all day and travelling backwards and forwards to central London (or wherever your client’s studio happens to be) can be very stressful and tiring and the old Red Bull or alternative high-octane beverage can look very appealing.

However, most of these high caffeine sugary junk-drinks are actually banned in other, more sensible, countries and certainly should be in the UK. They also affect your vocal chords and, depending on your sensitivity to the 1001 chemicals in the noxious stuff, can be quite nasty.

So, what’s the alternative? Well, for many years I have been drinking the “organic” version of the pick-me-up drink, and I can highly recommend you give it a try.

It’s called wheat grass juice and, in my opinion, is the best way to give your body and mind an energy boost without affecting the vocal chords and without putting all those nasty chemicals into your bloodstream.

The problem is that today we have never had so many cures for diseases but been so incredibly ill as a population. Most scientists put this down to one thing – stress!

Stress is a real killer (in case you didn’t know!).

Our lifestyles are massively different to those of our parents and their parents. Every day we have to deal with traffic, computers, high pressure jobs, at least ten different types of communication from Facebook, X, TikTok and Instagram etc, to mobile phones, instant messaging to email, fast food, spicy food, short lunch breaks, high emotions and ‘difficult customers.’ These challenges all result in one major change in our bodies – acid!


The human body is something like your car’s lead acid battery – we work on currents and voltages with the pH (acidity) of the human bloodstream being about 7.36. Now, when we get stressed, emotional, eat junk food etc. our bloodstream becomes more acidic and this has the effect of weakening the charge on the outside of our wonderful red blood cells. This, in turn, makes them stick together causing a kind of “sludge.” And that’s exactly how this condition makes you feel…sludgy. Your brain slows down, your muscles ache and you just feel plain tired.

Now, here comes the wheat grass bit. If you drink a glass of wheat grass juice, it actually alkalises your bloodstream very effectively, restoring the natural pH and the charge on your red blood cells, allowing them to pull apart again. And as we know, these wonderful little cells can then go about their business transporting oxygen around the body and brain, helping you think more clearly, retain more information, feel more awake and generally give you more energy!

Try some – it might just change your life.